Project Details

Pre-implementation phase activities for UniBRAIN agribusiness incubators (AIICs) and partners

Duration: 01/Feb/2012 - 30/May/2012

Locations: India / Ghana / Kenya / Mali / Uganda / Zambia / Asia / Eastern and Southern Africa / West and Central Africa

Project contact: Sharma, KK, Karuppan Chetty

Donor: Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)-Ghana

The overall objective of the pre-implementation activities is to prepare incubators to operate as independent businesses, able to receive funding, engage employees and enter into legal business contractual arrangements to support their businesses. Activities to achieve this include: training of incubators and implementing partners in agribusiness incubation, governance and management; developing incubator operator manuals; refinement of incubator agribusiness plans; sensitization of the leaders and members of UniBRAIN incubator host institutions; and facilitating the engagement of incubator key staff.

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