Project Details

Comprehensive adoption and impact study of improved chickpea cultivars in Andhra Pradesh, India

Duration: 01/Sep/2012 - 01/Aug/2013

Locations: India / Andhra Pradesh / Asia

Project contact: Bantilan, MCS

Donor: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)-Italy

CGIAR Research Program: Policies Institutions and Markets

The project aims to systematically document the adoption, diffusion and impact of improved chickpea technologies in southern India. This specific success story is positive evidence that adoption of technologies can enhance production of chickpea in other regions of South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, where currently yield levels remain low. The proposed comprehensive quantification of the research benefits at farm level is timely, particularly in Andhra Pradesh, as the outcome of the analysis would showcase to the outside world the impact of chickpea improved technology in India. The overall objective of the present study is to document the ‘silent chickpea revolution in Andhra Pradesh.

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