Project Details

Developing and implementing the genomic component of IBP (Sub Program Leader)

Duration: 01/Jul/2012 - 30/Jun/2014

Locations: India / Asia

Project contact: Varshney, RK

Donor: Generation Challenge Program (GCP)/CIMMYT-Mexico

This proposal aims at strengthening the IBP (Integrated Breeding Platform that is a web-based, one-stop shop for information, analytical tools and related services to design and carry out integrated breeding projects) by integration of the modern genomics component in the IBP. In brief, the project plans to provide a one-stop genomics shop to the genomics community from CG centers, NARS and ARIs for accessing a range of genomics resources including large scale SSR, SNP and DArT markers, genetic and physical maps, transcriptomic resources, expression profiling and genome sequencing generated through GCP efforts in the Phase I and Phase II. The community to be established is being referred to as Agricultural Genomics Network (AGN). This proposal has a plan to provide a platform for AGN researchers to discuss the developments related to latest techniques and to find a solution for problems. This project also plans to provide AGN researchers and IBP users access to genome technologies service providers in order to avail cost-effective genotyping services. 

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