Project Details

Harnessing the potential of MAGIC population for gene discovery and breeding applications in chickpea

Duration: 01/Aug/2011 - 31/Jul/2014

Locations: Asia / India / Eastern and Southern Africa / Ethiopia / Kenya

Donor: CGIAR,Generation Challenge Program (GCP)/CIMMYT-Mexico

The project is built on the progress made under Objective 4 of TLI Phase I and complements the ongoing efforts of TLI Phase II on development of the multi-parent advanced generation inter-cross (MAGIC) population. It will ensure smooth achievement of the development of MAGIC population. More importantly, this proposal plans to undertake genotyping of at least 1000 MAGIC lines with at least 1500 SNP markers using KASPar assays through Marker Services of Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) of GCP. Based on SNP and haplotype data, the MAGIC lines will be classified into different groups. Subsequently, a set of 200- 500 lines possessing non-redundant set of haplotypes will be identified and used for extensive phenotyping for drought tolerance related traits in Kenya, Ethiopia and India. Genotyping data and phenotyping data collected on the set of MAGIC lines will be analyzed for establishing marker-trait association via genome wide association study (GWAS) for drought tolerance that will be helpful for molecular breeding. In addition, the well characterized set of MAGIC lines at both molecular as well as phenotypic level will be an ideal resource for deploying in chickpea breeding programs

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