Project Details

Enhancing the resilience to climate variability and change in watersheds with focus on groundnut and pigeonpea in the Indian SAT

Duration: 29/Mar/2011 - 28/Mar/2014

Locations: India / Asia

Project contact: Kesava Rao, AVR

Donor: Department of Agriculture & Cooperation-Government of India-India

The project aims to identify vulnerable areas in SAT-India using gridded and long-term weather data in the three distinct agro-ecological zones (low, medium and high rainfall) and assess the implications of climate variability and change on water balance and its impacts on existing crops, particularly in groundnut and pigeonpea, using models. It also aims to identify suitable adaptation strategies to build the necessary resilience to cope with the anticipated impacts of climate variability and change in the target eco-regions for groundnut and pigeonpea.

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