Project Details

The role of information networks for the adoption of agricultural innovations: The case of sorghum and finger millet in Tanzania

Duration: 01/Apr/2012 - 31/Mar/2014

Locations: Eastern and Southern Africa / Tanzania

Donor: Government department -national- state or local,Bundesministerium for Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ)-Germany

CGIAR Research Program: Policies Institutions and Markets


 This research project aims to overcome insufficient flow of information about new technologies and access to these technologies by analyzing the innovation systems for sorghum and finger millet technologies in Central Tanzania. The project builds on data from a farm household survey that was conducted with 360 sorghum and finger millet farmers in two districts of Central Tanzania in September 2010, which covered a broad range of topics that are important for understanding farm systems in general. A particular focus was set on sorghum and finger millet cultivation, e.g. knowledge and adoption of improved technologies or utilization patterns. This baseline survey allows the identification of knowledge gaps, which can be filled by the follow-up survey in September 2012. Moreover, data analysis is strengthened by the availability of panel data, which allows for the application of advanced econometric techniques.

In this project quantitative data is complemented with qualitative data, which allows for a comprehensive understanding of adoption barriers and how they can be overcome. 

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