Project Details

DST-ICRISAT Center of Excellence (CoE) on Climate Change Research for Plant Protection (CCRPP)

Duration: 30/Nov/2011 - 29/Nov/2014

Locations: India / Asia

Project contact: Pande, Suresh

Donor: Department of Science & Technology (DST)-Government of India-India

CGIAR Research Program: Grain Legumes

This project focuses on the effect of climate change on the disease and insect-pest problems of chickpea and pigeonpea under rainfed conditions in India. The primary aim of this project is to understand the effects of climate change on the relative abundance and diversity of insect-pests and pathogens across geographical regions, pest × host plant × environment interactions, and its influence on insect-pests and diseases incidence and the extent of losses due to biotic stress. The major outcomes of this project will be the development of methodologies that will be required to quantify the information on emerging pest problems, their geographical distribution, and severity and damage, effect of climatic change on expression of resistance to insect-pests and pathogens, select varieties that are resistant to diseases and insect-pests across environments, and reduce pesticide application for a safer environment. The information on pest × host × environment interactions will be useful to scientists in India, who can use the standardized techniques for phenotyping for pest resistance to identify and develop pest resistant cultivars for genetic management of emerging and anticipated diseases and insect-pest problems in India. 

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