Project Details

Integrating bio-treated wastewater reuse with enhanced water use efficiency to support the green economy in EU and India

Duration: 05/Nov/2012 - 04/Nov/2016

Locations: Asia / India

Water, food and energy securities are emerging as increasingly important and vital issues for India and the world. Most of the river basins in India and elsewhere are either closing or closed and experiencing moderate to severe water shortages, brought on by the simultaneous effects of agricultural growth, industrialization and urbanization. Current and future fresh water demand could be met by harnessing rainfed potential, by enhancing water use efficiency and demand management. Thus, wastewater/low quality water is emerging as potential sources for demand management after essential treatment. The Water4Crops-India consortium partners have a common mandate to find solutions for emerging water, energy and related problems for achieving sustainable development in the country. The Water4crops project involves multidisciplinary issues of water management, provides an opportunity to efficiently utilize low quality industrial (food) and municipal wastewater and facilitates developing various technologies for wastewater treatment and its feasible use in agriculture. This project would also describe practical solutions of wastewater treatment and its management which open-up various avenues to scale-up such technologies.

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