Project Details

Development of a robust commercially sustainable Multiple Uses Sorghum (MUS) value chain in Kenya and Tanzania

Duration: 01/Jan/2011 - 30/Aug/2012

Locations: Kenya / Tanzania - United Republic Of / Eastern and Southern Africa

Project contact: Mgonja, MA

Donor: European Commission (EC)-Belgium,International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)-Italy


The goal of the project is to improve the livelihoods of poor rural small-scale farming households in the arid and semi-arid agro-ecologies of Eastern Province in Kenya and in the Northern and Central zones of Tanzania. Specifically, the project has the following objectives:

·        Characterize the sorghum production systems, map existing supply chain and identify opportunities for value chain development;

·        Identify and pilot marketing arrangements (pilot small size trial version of a commercial scale value chain) that link farmers to marketing opportunities for value added products from sorghum which will also reduce transaction costs;

·        Enhance the capacity of smallholder men and women farmers’ groups to increase production of sorghum with multiple uses and link farmers to the grain market outlets targeting consumption and the brewing industry;

·        Develop and test improved multiple use sorghum cultivars (varieties and hybrids) that are resistant to biotic and abiotic stresses,  adaptable to and have stable performance in the target environments and meet end user/market requirements;

·        Strengthen partnerships with private seed companies to facilitate sustainable access to high quality seed of sorghum varieties that have multiple uses/attributes.

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