Project Details

Groundnut varieties improvement for yield and adaptation, human health, and nutrition

Duration: 01/Sep/2010 - 31/Aug/2014

Locations: Malawi / Eastern and Southern Africa / Tanzania

Project contact: Monyo, ES

Donor: McKnight Foundation-USA


The project’s goal is reduction of poverty by improving

·        income level;

·        food and nutrition security through investments to improve groundnut yields;

·        understanding the level of aflatoxin contamination in Malawi and Tanzania and effects on human health;  and

·        designing and implementing strategies for contamination reduction.   


The two countries have more than 300,000 farm families who can benefit directly from adopting improved groundnut technologies.  Project strategy involves diagnostic studies, breeding and capacity building to address low yields, diseases (rosette, ELS, and rust), aflatoxin contamination and drought.  Project impact will contribute to improvement of rural livelihoods, better human health and increased incomes from trade.

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