Project Details

Introduction and expansion of improved pigeonpea (arhar) production technology in rainfed upland ecosystems of Orissa

Duration: 17/May/2011 - 30/Apr/2015

Locations: Asia / India / Odisha

Project contact: Dr Myer G Mula (

Donor: Government department -national- state or local,Directorate of Agriculture and Food Production- Government of Odisha-India

The overall goal of this project is to enhance food and nutritional security and income generation for the under privileged farmers in the rainfed areas of Orissa.  It will evaluate and identify newly-developed, high- yielding, disease-resistant varieties and hybrids of pigeonpea for further introduction and expansion;  and promote cultivation of high yielding pigeonpea varieties in the marginal soils. Further, it will develop village-level seed systems to achieve self-sufficiency in seeds of farmer-preferred improved varieties of pigeonpea. Along with this there will be capacity building of farmers, NGOs, and Self Help Groups in sustainable pigeonpea production technology components. It will also provide research backstopping for refinement and research on pigeonpea components as identified by researchers and farmers in the target area.    

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