Project Details

Improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in drought-prone areas of sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia through enhanced grain legume production and productivity (TLII Phase 2)

Duration: 01/Sep/2011 - 30/Sep/2014

Locations: Asia,Bangladesh,India,Eastern and Southern Africa,Ethiopia,Kenya,Tanzania,Malawi,Mozambique,Zimbabwe,West and Central Africa,Burkina Faso,Mali,Niger,Nigeria,Senegal,Uganda,Ghana

Donor: Foundation or Trust,Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-USA

CGIAR Research Program: Grain Legumes

The overall goal of the TLII project is to enhance productivity by at least 20% for six legume crops covered by this project (chickpea, common bean, cowpea, groundnut, pigeonpea and soybean) in drought-prone areas of SSA and SA, principally through the availability and adoption of improved crop varieties and associated crop management practices. A partnership involving three CGIAR centers, the scientists of 14 national programs, advanced research institutes, the private sector and other R&D organizations will provide the necessary scientific inputs to achieve the goal. The project is organized into nine objectives – six of them crop-specific, two common across the crops, and one on management.  

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