Project Details

BREAD: Overcoming the domestication bottleneck for symbiotic nitrogen fixation in legumes

Duration: 01/Apr/2010 - 31/Mar/2013

Locations: India / Asia

Project contact: Varshney, R

Donor: University of California-Davis-USA

CGIAR Research Program: Grain Legumes

The basic research goal of the proposed work is to identify plant genotypes and ultimately the underlying genes that regulate the efficiency of symbiotic nitrogen fixation under field conditions, and to determine the extent to which domestication and intensive breeding have reduced nitrogen fixation efficiency. The outcome of these studies will contribute an important new dimension to current worldwide efforts to deduce the molecular mechanisms of symbiotic development and function. At the same time, understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate nitrogen fixation efficiency is of direct relevance to crop improvement efforts in the developing world, where legumes with improved nitrogen fixation efficiency would have a large and direct impact on resource poor farmers. 

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