Project Details

Vulnerability to climate change: Adaptation strategies and layers of resilience

Duration: 02/May/2008 - 30/Apr/2011

Locations: Bangladesh / China / India / Pakistan / Sri Lanka / Thailand / Viet Nam / Asia

Project contact: Bantilan, MCS

Donor: Asian Development Bank (ADB)-Philippines

This project focuses on acquiring an improved understanding of climate variability and adaptation-coping strategies of the rural poor in the SAT region, best practices and institutional innovations for mitigating the effects of climate change, strategies to address socioeconomic problems relating to changing weather patterns, and availability of a range of initiatives for their alleviation.  Research includes collection and analysis of secondary data on weather parameters, and on cropping patterns, incomes, employment, consumption levels, enterprise economics; survey and comparison of farmers’ perceptions about climate change and variability compared with detailed trend analyses of long-term climate data from nearby stations; adaptation of suitable models to determine relationships between weather parameters, cropping patterns, productivity and income levels, etc.

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