Project Details

Improving heat tolerance in chickpea for mitigating impacts of climate change on its productivity

Duration: 01/Jan/2009 - 01/Jan/2013

Locations: India / Asia

Project contact: Gaur, Pooran

Donor: Department of Agriculture & Cooperation-India

This projects aims at understanding mechanisms and genetics of heat tolerance in chickpea in order to develop breeding lines with improved heat tolerance. Heat tolerant cultivars will be more resilient to the impacts of climate change, allow flexibility in sowing dates and enhance opportunities for expanding chickpea area in new niches and cropping systems, such as rice-fallows. This project aims to develop techniques for effective screening of chickpea genotypes for heat tolerance at the reproductive stage; identify chickpea genotypes with reproductive stage heat tolerance; understand mechanisms and genetics of heat tolerance; identify molecular markers for gene(s) controlling heat tolerance; introgress heat tolerance in selected cultivars/elite breeding lines; and evaluate selected heat tolerant lines at farmers fields. The breeding material developed in this project will be further evaluated by the partner institutes and others, leading to the development of heat tolerant cultivars.

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