Project Details

Tracking change in rural poverty in household and village economics in South Asia (VDSA)

Duration: 01/May/2009 - 30/Apr/2011

Locations: Asia / Bangladesh / India

Donor: Foundation or Trust,Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-USA

CGIAR Research Program: Policies Institutions and Markets


The project seeks to improve the quantity and quality of time-series meso- and micro-data so that decision-making is based on evidence on impacts on the poor.  The project is driven by three initiatives: the compilation of longitudinal household, individual, and field data over five years in 42 villages, the assembly of secondary meso-level agricultural data into integrated data bases for distribution, and the nurturing of policy and data analysis, and capacity building. This project is guided by over 30 years of previous work that establishes a basis for structuring partnerships to enhance sustainability, for assessing risk, and for innovating over time.  That experience shows that a large share of the benefits from the proposed work will accrue to society years after its projected completion.  Tracking poverty should be interpreted broadly as the proposal’s foci on why and how changes in natural hazards, government programs, market prices, and institutions are mediated in village and district settings.

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