Project Details

Enhanced livelihood opportunities of smallholders in Asia: Linking smallholder sweet sorghum farmers with the bioethanol industry

Duration: 11/Dec/2009 - 10/Dec/2013

Locations: China / India / Thailand / Asia

Project contact: Reddy, BVS

Donor: Common Fund for Commodities-Netherlands

The project will mobilize groups of smallholder sweet sorghum farmers in order to improve crop productivity, enhance production and marketing of sweet sorghum to distilleries. The project will engage private seed companies, input suppliers and farmer groups for effective input delivery mechanisms. Apart from direct delivery arrangements for neighboring villages, the project also seeks to link commonly excluded remote farmer groups with commercial distilleries through introduction of decentralized processing of sweet sorghum juice into syrup. Overall the project will contribute to increased incomes for farmers, without compromising food and fodder security.

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