Project Details

Increasing agricultural productivity of farming systems in parts of Central India through participatory research-cum-demonstration and knowledge sharing innovations

Duration: 01/Mar/2008 - 28/Feb/2012

Locations: Asia / India

Donor: Foundation or Trust,Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT)-India

The overall objective of this project is to increase the impact of the development projects in Central India through technical backstopping and empowerment of stakeholders to improve livelihoods through increased agricultural productivity and livelihood opportunities via sustainable use of natural resources. The specific objectives of this technical assistance program are:   to establish a holistic participatory IGNRM model for the convergence of activities in 4 nucleus clusters (five villages in each cluster) encompassing suitable technical, institutional, gender equity, and policy options for enhanced agricultural productivity and crop-livestock management systems to alleviate poverty; and to provide technical know-how to farmers, landless rural people in the target districts, and partner NGOs supported by SRTT in the region through empowerment by bringing together learnings deriving from national and international experience.

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