Project Details

Backstopping and coordinating the fertilizer microdosing and inventory credit system project in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger

Duration: 01/Jun/2009 - 31/May/2012

Locations: West and Central Africa / Burkina Faso / Mali / Niger

Donor: Other international or regional organization,Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)-Kenya

The goal of this ICRISAT project component is to provide technical backstopping and to coordinate country level activities in order to promote mutual exchange of information, experiences and expertise among the three countries. The Fertilizer Microdosing Technique as its name implies is a technical approach to solving the low level of fertilizer use but does not address the accompanying social, economic and institutional aspects of the problem briefly explained above. Recent experimentation carried out to solve this problem show that when the microdose technique is used in tandem with the Inventory Credit system, they constitute a multi-faceted approach that provides both technical and social engineering solutions to the problem. So it will provide technical expertise, coordinate/facilitate country level project implementation and monitoring, then produce a cross cutting synthesis of lessons learnt and outcomes in order to identify International Public Goods and policy implications and then share this knowledge across Africa.

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