Project Details

The Center of Excellence in Genomics (CEG)

Duration: 01/Jan/2011 - 31/Dec/2013

Locations: Asia / India

The Center of Excellence in Genomics (CEG) at ICRISAT will focus its efforts on (a) genotyping services, (b) capacity strengthening, and (c) modern pulse improvement. CEG has offered SSR and DArT genotyping services to a number of partners for a range of projects. It will continue to offer cost-effective and high-throughput genotyping services to Indian national programs on a cost-to-cost basis and to add SNP analyses to the suite of molecular marker services. It will also offer training in high-throughput SNP genotyping data analysis, deployment of modern breeding methodologies such as MABC, MARS and GS in crop improvement to at least 50 Indian scientists involved in pulse improvement. In collaboration with the Generation Challenge Program's TL I project, IARI, IIPR and ICRISAT will partner in molecular breeding research to enhance drought tolerance in leading Indian chickpea varieties by employing MABC and MARS approaches using the SNP genotyping facilities. In addition, ANGRAU, IIPR and ICRISAT will partner in the molecular mapping of FW and SMD resistance in pigeonpea.

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