Project Details

Global crop yield gap and water productivity atlas

Duration: 14/Nov/2011 - 31/Oct/2013

Locations: Asia / Eastern and Southern Africa / West and Central Africa

Project contact: Dr Lieven Claessens (

Donor: Foundation or Trust,Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-USA

CGIAR Research Program: CCAFS

The tasks will involve working with the Atlas team to further strengthen and consolidate GYGA results, outputs, and utilities to support country-based, value-chain agronomic platforms; update crop-specific spatial distribution data layers by incorporating updated crop area distribution data from SPAM-2; improve the quality of other data required for accurate yield gap estimates with emphasis on using available AfSIS soil data on water holding capacity and rooting depth, and on improving sun-national actual yield and weather data with a focus on Ethiopia; and develop a protocol and estimate water productivity and water productivity gap for GYGA-1 crops and countries.

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