Project Details

Capability building of SUCs and DA scientists and researchers on rainfed agriculture research and development (Phase 3)

Duration: 01/Jan/2014 - 31/Dec/2015

Locations: Asia / India / Philippines

Project contact: Dr Rosana P Mula (R.Mula@CGIAR.ORG)

Donor: Government department -national- state or local,Foundation or Trust,Department of Agriculture (DA)- Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR)- Government of the Philippines-Philippines

CGIAR Research Program: Grain Legumes,Dryland Cereals,Policies Institutions and Markets,Dryland Systems

The project will organize and conduct: capacity building activities such as visits for R&D workers to ICRISAT headquarters, field offices and facilities; training to accommodate more research managers and middle-level managers for rainfed and dryland systems; on-station training at ICRISAT and its satellite facilities for researchers and scientists with special emphasis on innovation and achievements.

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