Project Details

Spurring a Transformation for Agriculture through Remote Sensing (STARS) -- Imagery for Smallholders: Activating Business Entry points and Leveraging Agriculture (ISABELA)

Duration: 26/May/2014 - 31/Jul/2016

Locations: West and Central Africa

Donor: Academic institute eg university or college,University of Twente - Netherlands

CGIAR Research Program: Dryland Systems

STARS will test a number of hypotheses related to the use of earth observation data and will use advanced technological devices for improved satellite image resolution, improved revisit frequency, and better monitoring during growth. The projects goal is to identify which farming stakeholders are best served with which information, and how that information should be provided to optimally inform decision-making stakeholders, comprising farmers, the private sector that deliver farm inputs and government institutions such as the ministries of agriculture and food security.

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