Project Details

Nudging sustainability transitions using innovation platforms and market-oriented development in Mozambique

Duration: 01/Jul/2015 - 30/Jun/2018

Locations: Eastern and Southern Africa / Mozambique

Project contact: Dr Sabine Homann - Kee Tui (

Donor: Government department -national- state or local,Austrian Development Agency (ADA)-Austria

CGIAR Research Program: Dryland Systems

The project integrates social, socioeconomic and agronomic sciences in support of facilitating sustainability transitions. The approach therefore is multi-level, cutting across the local and the systems levels (horizontal and vertical), and is inclusive in nature. The project, with its site in semi-arid Mozambique, will develop an Innovation Platform (IP) approach for identifying and facilitating sustainability transitions towards inclusive market-oriented development. Recognizing the complexity of socio-ecological systems and IPs as mechanisms for learning and change, the project has developed a nested approach that engages social and agronomic research to better understand and more effectively facilitate processes that aim at contributing to a reconfiguration of the entire socio-ecological system with more drastic and better integrated changes leading to substantial impact on rural livelihoods. The project will provide procedures for instilling change in complex systems, through multi-level learning and analysis and evaluation of system dynamics. The project chose Marara in Tete as a system with great opportunities through expanding coal mines, and facing enormous challenges that prevent rural communities from capitalizing on these developments. The rural poverty in Tete reflects a ‘dynamically stuck state, as a result of intertwined social and ecological factors that prevent sustainability transitions into more desirable profitable states.

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