Project Details

Providing technical assistance to Government of Andhra Pradesh for Primary Sector Mission

Duration: 17/Jan/2015 - 16/Jan/2020

Project contact: Dr Girish Chander (

Donor: Government department -national- state or local,Government of Andhra Pradesh-India

This collaborative effort between the Government of Andhra Pradesh and ICRISAT aims to transform agriculture in Andhra Pradesh through science-led development. ICRISAT will provide technical guidance and support through planning, monitoring, evaluation and capacity building/development initiatives to make the Primary Sector Mission successful. Among the outcomes expected are an innovative strategy to transform agriculture in Andhra Pradesh through equitable, scientific, prosperous and climate smart agriculture; setting up of a consortium to guide and execute the Primary Sector Mission; setting up of 13 pilot sites of learning in the districts; and developing monitoring and evaluation systems for the implementation of the mission. Drought proofing drought-prone districts and diversification with high-value crops will enable small farm holders to raise profits and improve livelihoods by scaling-up interventions demonstrated at pilot sites of learning. Two soil analytical laboratories will be upgraded to undertake complete nutrient status analysis.

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