Project Details

Establishment of participatory on-farm demonstration for new crop varieties in Nigeria

Duration: 01/Sep/2014 - 30/Sep/2015

Locations: West and Central Africa / Nigeria

Project contact: Dr Hakeem Ayinde Ajeigbe (

Donor: International NGO

CGIAR Research Program: Dryland Systems

In this project, ICRISAT has been invited by SHARE to make targeted technical assistance contributions to efforts to support 42,000 households in three Nigerian states to increase agricultural production and incomes and to provide better nutrition to children. SHARE envisions ICRISAT advancing this work by drawing on a variety of new and improved agricultural farming practices. This would involve a 3-step process: production-related activities in Sokoto leading to increased knowledge of improved production practices; processing and post-harvest related activities in both Sokoto and FCT that will contribute to increased access to improved post-harvest and storage techniques; and Bio-reclamation of Degraded Land that will contribute to increased land management.

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