Project Details

Niger seed systems project for pearl millet and legumes

Duration: 01/Dec/2014 - 30/Nov/2018

Locations: West and Central Africa / Niger

Project contact: Dr Malick Niango Ba (

Donor: Foundation or Trust,McKnight Foundation-USA

CGIAR Research Program: Dryland Cereals,Dryland Systems

The overall objective of this program is to facilitate large-scale diffusion and dissemination of proven technologies based on the results of several years of research towards increasing agricultural productivity and ensuring the food security of Niger's population. The project will enable an increase in the utilization of improved seeds and other technologies to enhance the resilience of rural communities to climate variability and change. This goal will be achieved by identifying institutional and social measures that contribute, limit, and/or sustain farmer-managed seed enterprises; identifying tools, marketing and communication approaches for use by farmer-managed seed enterprises that enhance uptake of new varieties of traditional cereal and legume crops by small-scale farmers; and identifying and understanding gender-relevant consequences/opportunities for the dissemination of new cultivars of pearl millet and legumes, and the necessary accompanying technologies in the target regions of the seed cooperatives.

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