Project Details

Marker-assisted recurrent selection (MARS) directed foliar blast resistance transfer in an elite pearl millet pollen parent

Duration: 01/Jun/2014 - 31/May/2017

Locations: Asia / India

Project contact: Dr Rakesh K Srivastava (R.k.srivastava@CGIAR.ORG)

Donor: Private industry,Bayer BioScience Pvt Ltd - India

CGIAR Research Program: Dryland Cereals

The project involves Marker-assisted recurrent selection (MARS) to transfer two major blast resistance QTLs, on LG 4 and one more large effect QTL from LG 7 of 863B-P2 parent. It is proposed to use at least two foreground, and six background markers from each of the two LGs for MARS. In order to breed for a durable resistance to foliar blast, it is proposed to use two more donors (ICMR 11019 and ICMR 06444) as alternate parents for blast resistance; these have shown high foliar blast resistance levels across different locations in India. These additional donors will be used in cross combinations with the recurrent parent. Marker-assisted jump-start breeding will be used to transfer the blast resistance QTLs to the recurrent parent.

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