Project Details

New varieties and management systems to improve productivity, food security and safety and market competitiveness

Duration: 01/Sep/2014 - 30/Aug/2018

Locations: Eastern and Southern Africa / Tanzania / Malawi

Project contact: Dr Patrick Okori (

Donor: Foundation or Trust,McKnight Foundation-USA

CGIAR Research Program: Grain Legumes

Groundnut is an important legume that can significantly to improve smallholder farmer livelihoods. The current yield gap is > 50% in Malawi and Tanzania. Groundnuts contaminated with carcinogenic and immunity suppressant aflatoxins are a health hazard. In earlier phases, R4D focusing mainly on genetic improvement for endemic stresses was initiated. This work will be completed through variety release, promotion and improvement of nutritional quality. Sustainable intensification approaches will be used to increase productivity, stabilize yields and provide agroecological services. Strengthening management of aflatoxin though better diagnosis and training will be done. Over 300,000 households are targeted in both countries.

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