Project Details

Document outcome stories of African women farmers

Duration: 01/Oct/2014 - 31/Mar/2015

Project contact: Ms Joanna Kane-Potaka(

Donor: CGIAR,International Water Management Institute (IWMI)-Sri Lanka

CGIAR Research Program: Water Land and Ecosystems

This project will document how the lives of women farmers have improved as a result of project interventions.The focus of the documentation will be to document how the interventions have improved the land, water and natural resource productivity thus leading to improved resilience to recover from environmental and economic shocks; improved incomes and better standard of living; and enhanced dedsion~making power within the family and community for the women. Four African women farmers will be profiled from the following projects: • Increasing Irrigation Water Productivity in Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe • Technical Support for the Promotion of Conservation Farming by Action Contre la Faim (ACF) in Chipinge District, Zimbabwe The focus will be the women and their lives - showing how they Jive, what they value, their families, their livelihood and challenges they face. How the project's technical solutions and approach has then made any impacts on these aspects of their lives will be highlighted.

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