Project Details

Techno-economic evaluation of response of different crops to application of sea weed extract product Aquasap in Eastern and Southern Africa countries

Duration: 01/Nov/2014 - 30/Oct/2016

Locations: Eastern and Southern Africa / Kenya / Malawi / Mozambique / Zimbabwe

Project contact: Dr S P Wani (S.WANI@CGIAR.ORG)

Donor: Private industry,Aquagri Processing Private Limited - India

Seaweed extracts contain a number of plant growth promoting compounds. The extract of Kappaphycus alvarezii, a red seaweed cultivated in the southeast coast of India is commercially exploited for enhancing plant growth and yields. The commercial product, “Aquasap”, has been found to increase crop yields of a number of rainfed crops in India. ICRISAT evaluated “Aquasap” in a number of rainfed crops in the watersheds and observed the beneficial effects of spraying the solution in soybean, maize, groundnut, sunflower, etc. Crop yields increased by 11 to 36% over the control (spread with water), underlining its potential use under water stressed situations. It is now proposed to evaluate the response of “Aquasap” formulations (powder and concentrated forms) on different crops (cereals, legumes, and vegetables) grown in select countries in Eastern and Southern Africa.

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