Project Details

Addressing phytophthora blight disease: an emerging threat to pigeonpea expansion and production

Duration: 12/Sep/2013 - 31/Mar/2017

Locations: Asia / India

Project contact: Dr Mamta Sharma (mamta.sharma@CGIAR.ORG)

Donor: Government department -national- state or local,Department of Agriculture & Cooperation- Government of India-India

CGIAR Research Program: Grain Legumes

The project aims to improve farmers income and nutrition by enhancing the stability of production and reducing the losses in pigeonpea due to Phytophthora blight through the identification and dissemination of Phytophthora blight-resistant cultivars. Basic research will involve investigations on the biology of the pathogen and epidemiology of the disease, including host range, dispersal and survival of the pathogen, pathogen variability including cultural, morphological and molecular characterization. Applied research will involve standardization of screening techniques for identification of resistant sources; identifying resistant germplasm/breeding lines, and multi-location evaluation of resistant genotypes for direct use in the breeding programs. The project will benefit collaborating scientists students and young researchers by enhancing their skills and R&D capacity for the disease. The breeding programs of participating institutes will further utilize the breeding materials and screening methods developed, leading to the development of Phytophthora blight-resistant pigeonpea cultivars with suitable agronomic background.

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