Project Details

Bhoochetana, a sustainable productivity enhancement programme -- Phase 2 (2013-17) in Karnataka

Duration: 01/Jun/2013 - 30/May/2018

Locations: Asia / India / Karnataka

Project contact: Dr K H Anantha (

Donor: Government department -national- state or local,Department of Agriculture- Government of Karnataka-India

Bhoochetana is a science-led development approach launched by the Government of Karnataka. The second phase of this project will capitalize on the success of the first phase. The specific objectives of the second phase are: (1) To strengthen the Bhoochetana consortium to increase crop (irrigated and rainfed) yields by 20% over the first phase, in five years in 30 districts of Karnataka through science-led development and new innovation systems; (2) To strengthen institutional mechanisms such as seed villages, village seed banks, participatory research for development (PR4D), inputs supply, agricultural machinery hiring centres, marketing linkages, farm extension through farm facilitators and communication systems through capacity development. convergence, collective action, and partnerships; (3) To assess the impact of climate change in different agro-eco regions of the state; and (4) To document the process of consortium functioning, learning, and impact of the second phase in terms of increased crop yields, institutional development and capacity building of different stakeholders in the state.

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