Project Details

Utilization of introgression lines derived from wild Cajanus species for pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) improvement

Duration: 01/Jul/2018 - 30/Sep/2020

Locations: Asia

Project contact: Dr Shivali Sharma (

Donor: Foundation or Trust,The Global Crop Diversity Trust (GCDT)-Germany

CGIAR Research Program: GLDC

The follow-up phase is required to harness the full potential of wild Cajanus species for improving difficult-to-breed traits in pigeonpea such as pod borer tolerance in farmers’ fields with the following objectives: 1. Conducting farmers-participatory varietal selection (FPVS) trials of high-yielding pre-breeding lines across locations; 2. Evaluation of phytophthora blight and salinity tolerant ILs for yield-related traits across locations; 3. Evaluation of newly developed backcross populations derived from simple and complex (4-way) crosses for pod borer tolerance; 4. Identification, and distribution of promising ILs to breeders, NARS, and/or private sector partners for use in pigeonpea improvement programs.

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