Project Details

Scaling-up of Bhoo Samrudhi Program in Additional Four New Districts (Bhoosamrudhi Phase II)

Duration: 01/Apr/2015 - 31/Mar/2019

Locations: Asia / India / Karnataka

Project contact: Dr K H Anantha (

Donor: Government department -national- state or local,Department of Agriculture- Government of Karnataka-India

The main objective of the scheme was to increase crop yields by 20% and farmers income by 25% in the pilot area. The scheme was in implementation where agriculture and allied sectors are converged and innovative technologies are adopted in the Bhoosamrudhi area. The specific objectives of this BhooSamrudhi initiative are: 1) To increased crop yields by 30 per cent and farmers’ income by 50 per cent at pilot sites through scaling-up of participatory research 2) To establish four pilot sites to serve as proof of concept to develop benefits to small and marginal farmers’ through participatory and holistic approaches 3) To build capacities of stakeholders in the areas of holistic approach 4) To document lessons learnt from holistic and participatory strategies

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