Project Details

Networking4Seed: Growing sustainable seed systems by learning from experiences across Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger

Duration: 01/Jun/2018 - 31/May/2022

Locations: West and Central Africa / Burkina Faso / Mali / Niger

Project contact: Mr Baloua Nebie (

Donor: Foundation or Trust,McKnight Foundation-USA

CGIAR Research Program: GLDC

The Networking4Seed project is building on the experiences and results of Seed Systems III. It focuses on the main cereals and legumes food crops that nourish the population and aims to enhance the access of smallholder farmers to quality and nutritious seed through sustainable seed system. Crop modelling will be used to target the selection process of cereals varieties with the right context in the present and future. The project will also study the structure of the gender networks along the seed system value chain and will document their contributions to the FRN in each FO. It will also assess and document the role of women in the decision making process of the FOs.

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