Project Details

Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT)

Duration: 19/Feb/2018 - 30/Nov/2021

Locations: West and Central Africa

Project contact: Dr Ramadjita Tabo ( )

Donor: Other international or regional organization

The development objective of TAAT is to "rapidly expand access of smallholder farmers, majority women, to high yielding agricultural technologies to improve their food production, assure food security and raise rural incomes, and deliver regional public goods by scaling up agricultural technologies across similar agro-ecological zones". Overall objectives of TAAT is to creating an enabling environment for technology adoption by famers via policies for deployment and adoption of food production technologies that are regionally harmonized, food and nutrition conscious, and environmentally sustainable; Facilitate effective delivery of technologies to farmers by working with existing Regional Technology Delivery Infrastructure in a compact with RMCs, represented by NARES, private sector actors, and an independent technology Clearinghouse and raising agricultural production and productivity through the identification and deployment of appropriate technologies, including nutrient dense crop varieties, and vigorous crop outreach campaigns, extension, and market linkage campaigns, in RMCs.

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