Project Details

Building Resiliency and Adaptation to Climate Extreme and Disasters-X (BRACED-X)

Duration: 01/Mar/2018 - 30/Apr/2019

Locations: West and Central Africa / Mali

Project contact: Dr Birhanu Zemadim Birhanu (

Donor: Other international or regional organization

CGIAR Research Program: Dryland Cereals

ICRISAT is proposed to provide technical leadership in the following area: Promote adoption of environmentally sustainable climate - adapted agriculture and livestock practices, specifically: 1. Training of project field agents and key stakeholders on climate smart agriculture (CSA) practices and technologies; 2. on-farm demonstrations of climate smart agriculture such as: Farmer manager natural regeneration, contour bunding to prevent soil erosion, capture run-off for increased soil water and soil fertility, microdosing with compost and other fertilizers; 3. introduction on use of climate information services (ex. Sandji, Senekela, AgroMet etc.); 4. Conduct and document an analogue village activity; 5. Provision of CSA and related subject matter DVDs, mp3s, mp4 to communities and municipalities for self-learning; 6. Participation in a cross-BRACED project learning on climate services.

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