Project Details

Increasing Agricultural Productivity through System Intensification and Science-led Interventions in Rice Fallows of Odisha, India

Duration: 01/Jan/2016 - 31/Dec/2018

Locations: Asia / India / Odisha

Project contact: Dr C V Sameer Kumar (

Donor: Government department -national- state or local

CGIAR Research Program: Water Land and Ecosystems,GLDC

The broad objective of the project is to intensify and diversify the rice-based cropping system in the rice-fallow areas of Odisha by promoting short duration pulses like chickpea, green gram and pigeonpea to improve food and nutrition security, poverty reduction and improved rural livelihoods with sustainable farming systems in the state. The overall goal of the mission is to establish exemplar sites of learning demonstrating increased average productivity of agricultural systems in the selected districts by 20% in four years.

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