Project Details

Improving chickpea adaptation to environmental challenges in Australia and India

Duration: 06/Jan/2017 - 05/Jan/2020

Locations: Asia / India

Project contact: Dr Rajeev K Varshney (R.K.Varshney@CGIAR.ORG)

Donor: Government department -national- state or local,Department of Biotechnology- Government of India-India

CGIAR Research Program: Grain Legumes

The main objectives of this project is to - Identification of sources of resistance to Ascochyta blight in Australia; enhancing genetics and physiological knowledge of salinity tolerance in Australia and India; Identification of genes and superior haplotypes in a QTL-hotspot region conferring drought tolerance in chickpea; Developing superior lines for stress tolerance through marker assisted backcrossing and fostering ongoing collaborative links between Australia and India to support future food security.

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