Project Details

Sorghum Genomics Toolbox: TERRA Partnership

Duration: 16/Sep/2016 - 30/Sep/2019

Locations: Asia / India / Eastern and Southern Africa / Ethiopia / West and Central Africa / Senegal

Project contact: Dr Vincent Vadez (V.VADEZ@CGIAR.ORG)

Donor: Foundation or Trust,Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-USA

The Sorghum Genomics Toolbox is a new initiative funded by the BMGF which broadens the scope of earlier TERRA-REF project, funded by the Department of Energy (USA) and focused on bio-energy sorghum. The Sorghum Genomics Toolbox is focused on grain sorghum for SSA and aims at sequencing about 1000 genomes of diverse sorghum germplasm and at developing phenotyping hubs in Ethiopia in collaboration with EIAR, in Senegal in collaboration with CERAAS and CIRAD, and at ICRISAT-HQ in India. Phenotyping effort will combine both field phenotyping using multi-spectral imaging techniques (India, Ethiopia, Senegal), with platform-based phenotyping targeting key traits for crop adaptation (LeasyScan/LysiField at ICRISAT, PhenoArch at INRA Montpellier, LemnaTec platform at D Danforth Center in Missouri). This project is a rich partnership between leading national or regional research institute in SSA, together with CIRAD and ICRISAT, aiming at generating a rich source of genomic and phenomic information at different level of plant organization on a large and representative set of germplasm, opening opportunities to gear up the breeding of improved varieties for different regions of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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