Project Details

Managing organic amendments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and supplement fertiliser nitrogen inputs in tropical Indian and Sri Lankan agricultural soils

Duration: 01/Jul/2016 - 30/Jan/2018

Locations: Asia / India / Sri Lanka

Project contact: Dr Anthony Whitbread (

The project directly addresses the climate change and climate variability and resources utilisation and pathways for sustainable development research agendas. This includes filling a key data gap in global inventories by providing emission and emission factor baseline data of key crop rotations in India and Sri Lanka, and identifying the potential of matching OA derived N with synthetic nitrogen inputs. This also allows farmers to better make utilisation of their existing nitrogen resources, both organic and synthetic, to improve nitrogen use efficiency and sustainability of Indian and Sri Lankan farmers. A key focus is to enhance the capacity for environmental and agricultural research in India and Sri Lanka by the transfer of the knowledge and skillsets required to conduct global change research to local researchers and enhance NUE and sustainability of tropical farming systems. This will be achieved by extending the existing research network between Australia, Sri Lanka and India, enabling the transfer of the scientific expertise required for successful operation of the latest GHG monitoring technology and production of high quality research outputs. Local extension specialists, farmers, scientists and decision makers will be directly exposed to research outcomes via local and CGIAR communications departments and extension networks across the Asian Pacific region and through research networks such as the Australian Nitrous Oxide Program database ( and peer reviewed publications.

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