Project Details

For the provision of building the necessary evidence base to support the scaling up of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) approach in West Africa

Duration: 06/Sep/2016 - 05/Sep/2017

Locations: West and Central Africa

Project contact: Dr Robert B. Zougmore (

Donor: Other international or regional organization,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)-Italy

The activities to be undertaken are to support the project support transition towards climate smart agriculture food systems with the following objectives: (1) to enhance the awareness and knowledge of national approaches to coordinate and implement intersectoral programmes needed for the required climate smart transformation of the agricultural agenda. (2) to enhance the evidence base of appropriate CSA technologies and practices and decision-makers to ensure adequate policies and strategies towards scaling up of these CSA practices and (3) to establish a multi-stakeholder platform to promote the CSA approach both at national and local level.

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