Project Details

Protracted Relief Programme Phase-2 (PRP-2) (Sustaining crop production improvements for smallholder farmers in semi-arid Zimbabwe)

Duration: 01/Jul/2008 - 31/Jan/2011

Locations: Eastern and Southern Africa

Donor: International NGO,GRM International Ltd-Zimbabwe

CGIAR Research Program: Dryland Systems

The overall objective of the program is to reduce extreme poverty in urban areas of Zimbabwe to prevent destitution and protect and promote the livelihoods of the poor and the most vulnerable. The ICRISAT-led interventions will assist smallholder farmers in achieving sustained improvements in food and nutritional security and build the capacity of NGOs and AGRITEX in promoting improved agriculture programs. This will be achieved through community-based approaches, capacity building of implementing partners, cascaded training reaching down to the community level, encouraging the partners to work hand-in-hand with government, and strengthening traditional community safety. The interventions aim to provide benefits that will continue long after PRP 2 has ceased to exist, through community services such as water and sanitation, improved hygiene and health, and sustainable increases in productivity and food security through improved technology.

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