Project Details

Program for integrated innovations for improving legumes productivity, market linkages and risk management in Eastern and Southern Africa

Duration: 14/Nov/2007 - 01/Dec/2011

Locations: Eastern and Southern Africa

Donor: Other international or regional organization,International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)-Italy

The overall goal of the program is to harness opportunities for income growth and diversification in the semi-arid areas of Eastern and Southern Africa through integrated innovations that improve productivity and market links for grain legumes and the resilience of livelihoods. Based on lessons from successful pilot projects, the program evaluates the opportunities for the diversification and commercialization of production through the introduction of widely adapted grain legume varieties that embody market- and farmer-preferred traits, along with the best crop and resource management technologies. The program will also develop effective institutional arrangements for technology delivery and market links, complemented by tools and methods for risk assessment and mapping to facilitate the targeting and the scaling up of successful innovations.

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