Project Details

Enhanced utilization of sorghum and pearl millet grains in the poultry feed industry to improve livelihoods of small-scale farmers

Duration: 01/May/2005 - 31/Mar/2009

Locations: Asia

Donor: Other international or regional organization,Common Fund for Commodities-Netherlands,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)-Italy

Sorghum and pearl millet are the only crop options especially for small and marginal farmers in most of the semi-arid tropical countries. These crops have been pushed to more and more marginal areas and have also seen a continuous decline in area. During the last 20 years, production and consumption of rainy season sorghum has declined in India but the crop still remains important for smallholders in the drylands, particularly in marginal production environments for its grain as staple food and fodder for livestock. This project aims to promote the use of sorghum and pearl millet in poultry feed using a coalition approach which involves investigating and strengthening the institutional context of the research undertaken, with a view to building human capital and local innovation system capacity.

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