Project Details

Guinea sorghum hybrids: Bringing the benefits of hybrid technology to a staple crop of Sub-Saharan Africa

Duration: 01/Jul/2000 - 30/Jun/2010

Locations: West and Central Africa / Eastern and Southern Africa

Project contact: Fred Rattunde

Donor: Rockefeller Foundation-USA

This project proposes to establish the genetic foundation required to realize the potential benefits of heterosis and thus ensure sustained gains from hybrid breeding with this race.  The key outputs that will provide this foundation are: establishment of heterotic gene pools for the sustainable progress of hybrid breeding; first generation of guinea race hybrids developed and tested; and hybrid seed production procedures developed and tested in target zones.

The results achieved by the project establish the magnitude and importance of heterosis in Guinea-race hybrids, with grain yield advantages up to 1.5 tons over the best parent.  The first set of male-sterile seed parents have been produced, and are now  used in producing the first generation of experimental hybrids.

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