Project Details

Documenting adoption of Natural Resource Management practices: Evidence on micro dosing and conservation agriculture in Zimbabwe and Niger

Duration: 01/Jul/2016 - 30/Jun/2017

Locations: Eastern and Southern Africa / Zimbabwe / West and Central Africa / Nigeria

Project contact: Dr Kizito Mazvimavi (

Donor: Other international or regional organization,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)-Italy

This study focuses on determining the levels of adoption of Micro-dosing (MD) and Conservation Agriculture (CA) in Zimbabwe and Niger by undertaking the following activities: Description and clear definition of MD and CA technologies, including what qualifies as adoption of MD and CA within each country context Compilation and collation of existing data on MD practices in Zimbabwe and Niger and CA practices in Zimbabwe Based on the existing data sets: estimation of current levels and intensities of adoption of the NRM technology to produce the relevant country-practice combinations reports

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