Project Details

Evaluating the prevalence of aflatoxin contamination in the soils of the target districts in Malawi under the USAID-funded project United in Building and Advancing Life Expectations - UBALE

Duration: 01/Jan/2016 - 31/May/2017

Locations: Eastern and Southern Africa / Malawi

Project contact: Dr S Anitha (

Donor: International NGO

CGIAR Research Program: Agriculture for Nutrition and Health

Evaluate the prevalence of Aflatoxin contamination in the soils of the target districts, as well as in maize and groundnuts stored at the HH level (immediately after harvest and again just before planting of the next season), and at key points in the value chains of each crop (no blood or urine sampling to be done). This activity will be implemented in all project districts to detect Aspergillus and the potential for contamination of samples in the soil in soil, and selected crops and will involve NASFAM and the Department of agricultural research services early in the project cycle to facilitate application of findings.

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