Project Details

Fast-tracking release of high oil and oleic groundnut varieties and promoting their adoption by farmers for enhanced production and quality of groundnut oil Phase II

Duration: 18/Dec/2005 - 17/Dec/2016

Locations: Asia / India / Andhra Pradesh / Gujarat / Tamil Nadu

Project contact: Dr P Janila (

Donor: Government department -national- state or local,Department of Agriculture & Cooperation- Government of India-India

CGIAR Research Program: Grain Legumes

In groundnut, low seed multiplication ratio (1:6-8) and quick loss of seed viability pose challenges to availability of adequate quantities of Breeder Seed in formal seed chain. Consequently, although the varieties are released they don’t reach farmers to make impact or take several year before spreading. To overcome this, in this project it is envisaged to take up seed bulking of new ‘high oil’ varieties. Availability of sufficiently large quantities of Breeder Seed at the time of release is key to achieve adoption of new varieties, as quality seed moves through formal seed chain. From 50.0 tons of BS produced in the project it is possible to cover 33,000 ha with Certified Seed, when the seed flows through formal seed chain. The additional economic benefits from cultivation of new ‘high oil’ varieties will be Rs. 30.0 to 45.0 crores. This project is expected to have high and quick return on investments. New ‘high oleic’ lines developed for first time in India will be tested in multi-location site to recommend superior lines for national testing under All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Groundnut (AICRP-G).

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